Mobile Devices Audits

Are your Mobile Applications safe? We guarantee the security in internal and commercial applications .

With the growth of new technologies, the use and storage capacity of our devices is greater and therefore increases the risk and the appearance of new vulnerabilities and infections.


Risks & Objectives

We identify the risks and take control of any vulnerability detected in the Mobile Applications that the company develops and uses.

We define the objectives for each category or type of device. We evaluate the value of the information and the associated risk for a certain scope.


Analysis Performed

Our Mobile Security Audits includes:

- Performance and Network Analysis.

- Protocols, Internal Storage and Access Control Management.

- Information Leaks Detection.

- Authorization and Authenticacion.

- Tampering Tests.

- Integrity Controls and Bad Practices.

- Manual and Automatic Analysis.

- Android, IOS and Windows Phone. red4sec-umbrella-cybersecurity


Invest in Security, invest in Future