Malware Analysis

Have you been infected? We analyze all types of malware, allowing us to know its operation and weak points.

Your computer resources were compromised and you want to know everything?

Our forensic analysis audit reveal a complete information.


Maximize Detection and Minimize Costs

This type of process requires detecting and understanding how Malware operates. This is a fundamental part in the process of creating protection measures against these threats and minimizing costs.

Virus propagation, hijacking and theft of confidential information, our professional team offers you the keys in your complete audit.


Specialized Services

Our Malware Analysis team offers professional services in this field.

We are specialists in:

- Malware Recognition and Identification.

- Impact Evaluation and Incident Response.

- Information Leaks detection.

- Classification of Malware and Ransomware.

- Static and Dynamic Analysis through SandBox.

Detection of Persistence and Prevention of new attacks.


Invest in Security, invest in Future