Blockchain and Smart Contracts Audit

Security Audits are very important, specially in Blockchain Technology. The main objective of these audits is to identify possible vulnerabilities or failures in the behavior of the code and proceed to their mitigation.

Red4Sec performs all types of code audits on Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies including NEO, Ethereum, EOS, etc.


Analysis and Verification of Vulnerabilities

Our Blockchain security audits includes:

- Verify the correct code behaviour.

- Analysis of the project's logic.

- Protocol & Network Analysis.

- Storage and Access Control Management.

- Algorithms and Cryptography.

- Efficiency and Optimization.

- Manual and Automatic Analysis.

We analyze in detailall the possible vulnerabilities that may affect your project.


Delivery and Validation of Results

Delivery of a Complete Security Audit Report, including all the vulnerabilities detected during this process.

This report also includes an executive summary, objectives and scope, classification of risk and vulnerabilities impact, etc.


Invest in Security, invest in Future